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His Excellency the late Mar Sebastian Vayalil the First Bishop of the Diocese of Palai established the Deepanalam Weekly in 1968 inspired by the call of the Council of the Vatican II. He meant it as an organ of the Church to dialogue with the cultural milieu of Kerala as well as the common instrument of communication for the whole Diocese. He was enlightened by the upright status of the socio-political and cultural patrimony of the Christian community of the soil in the ecclesiastical and secular fields of the state. The first bishop correctly identified the value and role of the modern media in bringing the human minds closer to truth and love.

Bishop Vayalil is proudly remembered as the Father and the Heavenly Patron of the Deepanalam enterprises.

His Excellency Mar Joseph Pallikaparambil who succeeded Bishop Vayalil in the Apostolic See of the Diocese is the second Patron of the weekly . He served the society for 23 years. He encouraged and brought up the Deepanalam Project to the present status and modernized its manyfaced activites.Bishop pallikaparambil initiated and and blessed the exploratory endeavours of the Deepanalam with great magnanimity.

His Excellency Mar Joseph Kallarangatt a distinguished man of letter and professor of theology has been leading the society as its third Patron since May 2004. His vision and foresight certainly an asset to the Deepanalam Project and to the Diocese as a whole. He is held in high esteem with great expectation.

Mar Jacob Murickan the ProtoSynchellus of the Diocese is the president of the Deepanalam Society the High Power Body of which Rev. Fr. George Pazheparampill is the Secretary. Rev. Fr. Kurian Thadathil is the the Manager of the weekly. Rev. Fr. Kurian Thadathil a veteran priest of the Diocese of Palai is the Chief Editor of the weekly. The internet edition of the Deepanalam Weekly is inaugurated on Tuesday 28th November 2006 at the honorable presence of Mar Joseph Pallikaparambil by His Excellency Mar Joseph Kallarangatt in connection with the latter’s silver jubilee celebration of the sacerdotal ordination.

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